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engineering and design services with finite element analysis

Streamlined services via finite element analysis

Quadco uses Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Fluent and CFX to perform Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics. This software allows to import flawlessly a wide range of CAD file types on which we can perform our simulations.

The expertise of Quadco assures you that the simulation of your products are performed in the most accurate way, both in using the right material models, applying real-world loading and constraints, as in the correct interpretation of the results.

With every simulation, Quadco makes an extended report of the analyzed problem, the applied boundary conditions and both qualitative and quantitative results. Quadco delivers in these reports clear and comprehensible conclusions and advices, which allow you to make the right design decisions to improve and optimize your products and processes.

Cost reduction and quality improvement

Simulating your products and processes with Finite Element Analysis has a number of important advantages which on the one hand increases the quality and durability of your products and on the other hand results in a considerable cost reduction thanks to a more efficient use of materials, a decrease in the number of prototypes and especially in the reduction of the time-to-market.


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